The World’s Largest and Most Sophisticated Edge Platform
Up to 80% traffic offload from origin servers as seen by customers in KSA

Seemless management of unexpected traffic peaks

With Edge nodes in the Kingdom and connected to same underlying backbone that powers a massively distributed footprint spanning more than 4,100 edge PoPs across 131 countries.


Our Web and Mobile Performance Solutions help you engage consumers with fast, personalized online experiences, enabling you to increase revenue opportunities, gain IT agility and scale globally. Your connected audiences expect instant, intelligent, secure access to websites and applications – from any device, anywhere – Web and Mobile Performance solutions enable you to deliver.

- Deliver Content
- Optimize Image and Videos
- Manage Digital Performance
- Balance Global Traffic


Intelligent automation and controls to maximize user experiences on web, iOS, and Android apps.

- Deliver high-performing web, mobile and app experiences
- Increase online conversions and user engagement
- Optimize for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections.


Increase customer engagement with beautiful digital experiences that are also fast.

- Automatically transform and optimize digital images and video to deliver the best asset for every end user and device

- Reduce development time with flexible integration and workflows for faster time to market

- Reduce infrastructure costs by offloading image and video creation, storage, and delivery


Reduce IT investment and operating costs
Real-time Route optimization

Real time monitoring to increase website performance
Boost performance by proactively fetching content
Site Failover for business continuity

Secure cloud storage reduces costs and increases availability
"Some of our customers in the kingdom see over 70% traffic off-load away from their origin servers allowing for great performance enhancement and massive network capacity planning savings."

Deliver Great Online Experiences

The pressure to deliver great online experiences is higher than ever. Across sites and apps, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 49% of users expect a mobile app to respond within 2 seconds or less. What’s more, 50% of online transactions involve multiple devices. To realize digital success, businesses must always deliver a great experience on every form factor and device, or risk reduced customer satisfaction, brand perception, and revenue opportunities.
Web Performance features
Adaptive Acceleration
Deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users without lifting a finger. Machine learning uses real user behavior to continuously adapt and prioritize performance optimizations across your site. Determine the optimal time to push or compress content and pre-connect to third parties to deliver fast and optimized experiences automatically.
Policy-Driven Optimization
Provide differentiated user experiences with a range of content analysis and client-side optimizations to help users interact with your content sooner through advanced prefetching, adaptive consolidation, asynchronous loading, and script management, helping engage users with on-demand page and mobile app presentation.
Mobile Application Performance SDK
Extends performance into mobile application users’ hands via SDK. Users benefit from pre-positioned content and reduced latency in cellular networks, while developers gain insight into real devices and user to help tune app experiences with accuracy.
Real-time Self Service Management
Keep your content fresh and engaging with web-based tools and APIs that simplify operations including content and traffic management, link management, and protection from attacks while helping your online properties scale to meet peak demand.
Dynamic Acceleration
Provide consistent performance over wired and cellular connections and realize improvements through protocol optimizations, including real-time IPv4/6 adaptation. User experiences benefit from fast and efficient modern web protocols like HTTP/2 and WebSockets.
Fastest and Most Reliable Experiences
Automatically accelerate content while routing around congestion and outages and balancing traffic load globally with SureRoute. Maximize availability with a fault-tolerant solution that makes intelligent routing decisions based on network conditions.

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