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What are digital Certificates?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates—most commonly known as SSL, or digital certificates—are the basis of a secure internet experience. TLS/SSL certificates secure internet connections by encrypting data sent between a user browser, the website he's visiting, and the website server. Certificates ensure that data is transmitted privately and without modifications, loss or theft.

TLS is the successor technology to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which was replaced in 2015 after being subject to several vulnerabilities. Most people use the common term SSL because its more widely known. However, when you buy a TLS/SSL certificate from Cyberia, you get the latest and highest level of TLS encryption certificate on the market.

DV, EV & OV Certificates

DV or domain validated certificates include your domain name in the certificate (not your business or organization name). These certificates are cheaper and usually issued in minutes.

EV or extended validation TLS/SSL certificates protect businesses and brands because they certify that website owners are the authentic owners of their website.

OV or Organization Validation certificates require similar methods of authentication,  However, OV certificates only require 9 methods of validation compared to the 14 methods required for EV.

Secure Email Certificates

Secure email is more than encryption. It’s also identity. With our email certificates, your messages are secured and ascribed to you using S/MIME, so your recipients know what you wrote hasn’t been altered along the way.

Client or S/MIME certificates prove the identity of online users by allowing you to digitally sign and encrypt emails to achieve: Tamper prevention, Unaltered contents, Message privacy, Proof of authorship, Authentication of sender.

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