A virtual private network (VPN) allows two or more networks to securely connect over a private or public network. 


VPNs are similar to wide area networks (WAN) or a securely encrypted tunnel, but the key feature of VPNs is that they are able to use public networks like the Internet rather than rely on expensive, private leased lines.

At the same time, VPNs are as secure, more scalable and flexible, and faster to deploy compared to legacy networks. Their total cost of ownership (TCO) can be much lower than a legacy private network. 

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Privacy and protection of data is of utmost importance when deploying services over the Internet, where it can be vulnerable to attacks or illegal entry. IP-VPNs are networks that are secured by encryption and Authentication and layered on an existing IP network.
VPNs today are set up in a variety of ways, and can be built over different technologies. However, the most popular current method is to deploy IP-based VPNs, which offer more flexibility and ease of connectivity. Since most corporate intranets use IP or Web technologies.

Getting started

VPNs prices vary mainly by speed and location. We offer flexible solutions with various speeds to suit your requirements.
  • Cost effective connectivity solution
  • Connect your national & international PoPs
  • Connect to partners and service providers
  • High security (encryption and authentication)
  • Have your network up and running in days
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