Gain peace of mind by extending your DNS to the edge, with high availability and performance, and resilience against DDoS attacks backed by a 100% uptime SLA.
The importance of DNS reliability and availability cannot be overstated. When your DNS is attacked or goes out of service, your website and applications become unreachable, and that’s bad for your business. This is why relying solely on your own DNS servers, or on a single provider, makes your DNS — and by extension, your business — vulnerable.

Edge DNS is an authoritative DNS service that moves your DNS resolution from your premises or data centers to an Intelligent Edge. It is architected for nonstop DNS availability and high performance, even through the largest DDoS attacks.

Edge DNS can be deployed as a primary or secondary solution with optional DNSSEC support to protect against DNS forgery and manipulation.


Built on a globally-distributed Anycast network, Edge DNS is an outsourced DNS solution that provides 24x7 DNS availability, improves user responsiveness, and has the resiliency to defend against the largest DNS-based DDoS attacks today. Organizations can implement Edge DNS as their primary or secondary DNS, either replacing or augmenting their existing DNS infrastructure as desired. In either case, organizations receive a scalable and secure DNS network to ensure the best possible Web experience for their users.


24/7 availability and comes with a 100% uptime SLA, providing you with confidence that your customers and employees are always able to access your website and application servers.
Global anycast network, distributed throughout 28 countries, accelerates DNS resolutions for users connecting to your sites and applications from anywhere in the world.
Close proximity to the Intelligent Edge Platform, along with features such as zone apex mapping, often reduces DNS lookup times, translating directly to faster performance.
Between the massive scale offered by the Intelligent Edge Platform, traffic throttling for devices exhibiting suspicious behavior, DNSSEC, and a trust-based implementation model, Edge DNS is an effective mechanism for protecting your online business from the effects of DNS-based DDoS attacks and other threats.


IP Anycast
Provide a decentralized DNS service to end users that enables the creation of a logical name server comprising multiple physical servers deployed across multiple networks and continents.

DNSSEC with Edge DNS Secure Option
Guard against DNS data forgery or manipulation with Akamai’s Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) option for Edge DNS. Options include Serve DNSSEC for organizations wishing to manage their own keys, or “sign and serve” DNSSEC for organizations that would prefer to fully outsource their key management process.

IP Throttling
Suppress traffic from any IP address exhibiting suspicious behavior. Edge DNS monitors the level of DNS traffic from every IP address and automatically throttles traffic when it detects anomalies — an effective technique for mitigating DNS amplification or volumetric attacks
Powerful Management and DevOps Integration
Manage your DNS configurations from your  Control Center portal or through. Leverage Edge DNS application program interfaces (APIs) to automate the integration of Edge DNS with your existing management tools, workflows, and processes. Utilize our Terraform integration to help provision and manage properties and DNS zones as code.

Flexible Usage and Administration
Implement Edge DNS as either primary or secondary DNS. Add professionalism and security by using vanity names to rebrand our name servers using your own domain names. Integrate IPv4 and IPv6 addressing as your organization transitions to IPv6. Initiate zone transfers using an intuitive GUI through the Control Center.

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