Internet of Things

We help you connect things, make them smart and act on their intelligence.
End to End IoT solutions from the Sensor to the Dashboard, a complete ecosystem empowered by an array of world class partners to address industry- specific challenges.
Industries around the world are realizing up-to 50% savings (Energy, OPEX) and up-to 25% increase in revenues by the introduction of IoT.

This is no more a testbed and it is time for the Arab World to start investing and reaping the benefits of IoT.

What is IoT

IoT is the world where devices, machines, buildings, cities have senses. They can see, feel, smell, hear... Such data is communicated to a Gateway over a specific protocol and then pushed to a storage center or cloud for analytics. The analytics platform will then analyse the history stream, compare to real-time values and visualize the results for us to act on them; raise alerts, display gauges, issue maintenance work orders...

can devices have senses?

Devices and machines can be equipped with sensors that would measure various things. Depending on the industry and applications, some sensors measure temperature, others measure pressure, CO2 emissions, Nitrogen levels, noise levels...Some industrial machinery come with embedded sensors that IoT solutions can communicate with using the Programmable Logic Controller known as "PLC".

Driving KPIs across Industries

Energy savings, minimal restoration time, lower OPEX, predictive maintenance are popular KPIs for all businesses. Internet of things is leading the management of such KPIs and promises to deliver across industries.
Automotive & connected Transport
Fleet management control and efficiency, track assets, driver behavior, transport container environment, shock, tilting, cooling…
Industry 4.0

Turn your production lines into smart belts, monitor readings in real-time, use historical streams to build predictive maintenance analytics. Reduce restoration times & increase efficiency.
Smart Buildings
Energy management, automation, targeted surveillance and climate control are just few examples of how smart your buildings can become.
Smart Cities
Improve resource utilization and create safer, efficient, and clean cities. Monitor emissions, air quality, traffic, noise levels...
Energy & Utilities
Connect your energy assets for smarter decisions. Benefit from real cost savings whether on CAPEX or energy distribution.
Real-time visibility on diagnostic data, health alerts, machine status and predictive maintenance.
Analytics platform and visualization
Traditional reporting and visualization tools are not capable enough for IoT data analysis. Powerful and intuitive analytics generating time-critical insights and actions is what your business needs.
To find the real value in your IoT data, you must be able to deliver automated analytics capabilities including real-time pattern & anomaly detection, predictive analytics, asset management and monitoring .
From the Sensor to the Gateway and Analytics, get started with CYBERIA's End-to-End IoT solution

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